About Kazuyo Fukuda
A former bank systems engineer of 19 years and born and raised in the international port city of Kobe, Japan, Kazuyo Fukuda has written over 35 books that have sold widely across Japan.
Various subjects including counter terrorism, cybersecurity, pandemics, gene editing, murder investigations and espionage are explored through the genres of mystery and science fiction in her works.
Up until this point, all books were written in her native Japanese. But, now, there is progress towards delivering English translations of her works.


Visibility Zero (Seishinsha, 2007)

author_photo A plane hijacked by terrorists lands at Kansai International Airport during a deadly typhoon.
The airport is located on an artificial island linked to the metropolis of Osaka by a long bridge. After suffering damage during the typhoon, the bridge is closed and the island has become inaccessible.
The terrorists request a ransom from the Japanese government due by the time the plane can take flight. But, due to the typhoon, the police are helpless to deal with the hostage situation. The deadline is fast approaching.
However, there is hope as a detective also happens to be stranded at the airport and must wage a lonely battle against the hijackers.

Tokyo Blackout (Tokyo Sogensha, 2008)

author_photo We are living in an interconnected world where we have forgotten life without electricity. If a blackout comes to the largest metropolis in the world, Tokyo, what happens?
Transmission towers are destroyed and the power grid has fallen victim to terroristic computer hacking. All electric power in Tokyo has been cut off. If the blackout continues for a few days, normal life will fracture and the city will return to a more unpredictable and primitive time.
Together, a handful of electric power company employees and detectives struggle to restore hope to the city and stop the terrorists in their tracks.

Ravens of Odin (Asahi Shimbun Publications, 2010)

author_photo Hours before the search of his house in a corruption case, Yajima, a young member of the Diet, kills himself.
Police find a telling suicide note in his apartment stating “I am horrible. Someone is watching me.”
Two public prosecutors from the Tokyo District Prosecutors Office struggle with limited information to reveal the truth behind Yajima’s note. When they uncover information about Yajima being the victim of identity theft, an organization named Ravens of Odin threatens to wreak havoc on the investigators private lives unless they cease the investigation.

Monster (Shueisha Inc., 2011)

author_photo Imagine you are a detective who can smell death in the air、your nose tells you without a doubt that a crime happened in a given location, but those in authority do not believe that you possess your strange power.
This is the fate of Kousai. On TV, he sees a young, charismatic politician who Kousai knows killed a young girl when the politician was a then unknown student. The politician escaped prosecution but now a new witness has come forward who Kousai believes can help land a conviction though he has his doubts about her credibility.
While doing police work, Kousai travels to a state-of-the-art waste treatment plant with the technological capacity to destroy all evidence of a corpse - DNA as well as body. He encounters a handsome, intelligent research engineer at the plant and soon finds himself a pawn in a game that wraps the 15-year-old murder with new murders in an unexpected manner. A greater evil is uncovered than Kousai could ever imagine.

Navigate Underwater (KADOKAWA, 2013)

author_photo A novel fit for the these times of escalating tensions between China and Japan, the novel explores the perspective of a young heroic Chinese captain navigating the nuclear ballistic missile submarine Chousei 7 deep under the politically charged waters of the Japan Sea. While cruising underwater on their confidential mission, a mysterious explosion occurs onboard. The captain distrusts certain elements in his crew and starts to view the explosion as more than a mere accident.
The Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force spots the sub and a chase ensues. Meanwhile, a kidnapped Japanese Self-Defense official awakens in Pusan, Korea. The two cases are closely entwined.

Navigate Underwater original PV

Babel (Bungeishunju, 2014)

author_photo In times of chaos and disaster, governments capitalize on fear to implement sinister policies. This is what happens to the island nation of Japan in a year in the not to distant future, 201X. A new virus spreads chaos throughout. The virus is named Babel for its curious ability to render many of its victims incapable of communication leaving them locked into a world of observational silence. Under the guise of disease containment, the increasingly authoritarian government of Toshimi Shidara shuts down public access to the outside world and erects a long wall separating the infected and non-infected populations while establishing draconian rules of order with genocidal implications. Small mysterious rebel groups emerge from the shadows to try to thwart the Shidara regime's plans.

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